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Below are all videos made about the messages starting with videos 1-56. 

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Post #27 – Purification Of Wisdom Overcomes The Fearful Reality Caused By Madhu/MDH

The heartbreaking split in our Sai organization caused by Madhu/MDH is actually a yagna/sacrificial ceremony directed by Swami for attaining a wisdom of unity. His Scripture received in 1983 — for dissemination at this time – reveals a path to our purification that overcomes the split and attains harmony, unity, and the understanding of ultimate reality.

Post #26 – Parabrahman Is One – Sathya Sai Is One 

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If you are interested in learning about countering Madhu/MDH as a unified group — please sign up here Your comments are welcome here [email protected]. If there is enough interest, I will develop a videoconference to share my ideas and discuss 1) how we can act with a united strong voice 2) next steps to take as a unified group. The messages say that such a unified group will be led by Swami.

Post #25 – Deception Vs Truth – Purifying Wisdom

Post #24 – Let Go – And Find Peace

Post #23 – Unity In Community 

Post #22 – Call To Action

Join Me In Forming This Group to counter Madhu/MDH.

Post #21 – Dawning Of The Age Of Truth

Overcoming a “Fearful Reality” and entering into the dawning of the Sathya Yuga.

Post #20 – Introduction To A Scripture

Post #19 – Countering A Fearful Reality

Upadhi – looks alike but is not real 

Post #18 – The Voice of God

Divine Origin of the Scripture

Post #17 – Review #1 Of A Revelation

Post #16 – E Must Go

Sacrificing For Oneness — Ego Must Go 

Post #15 – Time To Come Home

This is a special time.

Post #14 – Questions That Need Answers

Clearly documenting answers to these question will help resolve our split.

Post #13 – The Buddhist Connection

The Buddhist Connection helps explain the Scripture as a revelation.

Post #12 – Healing — By Releasing — Names, Forms, and Attributes

Post #11 – Don’t Be Fooled

Purifying the mind to find Truth
Click here for a story about autism communicators being fooled

Post #10 – Review and reflections on the wisdom of oneness that overcomes splitting

Post #9 – Fight For Full Freedom – Overcoming Splitting

Here is stated the goal of the yagna – a wisdom of oneness that brings unity.  It is important to participate in the yagna to protect the name and teachings of Sathya Sai Baba – and to achieve this wisdom. Ideas about how to participate will follow.

Post #8 – Discern Purity

Jackie didn’t know the many languages and obscure words, nor the concepts of the scripture – removing this transmission from contamination by her mind, and assuring its purity.

Post #7 – Talking Advaita/Oneness While Splitting Is Nonsense

Post #6 – The Most Important Difference

I actually, and in the flesh, talked to Swami about this scripture and He asked for and kept a copy of my work on the recording of the events and the translation of the scripture. He strongly encouraged me to share this scripture with you.

Post #5 – Sai Revelation vs Mediumship

The next 4 POSTS, 5-8 analyze the differences between a revelation – the scripture that Swami transmitted to me – and the  mediumship of Madhu/MDH. Is the message timeless and sensible – is someone making a material profit?

Post #4 – Swami’s Miraculous Guidance

Reading a one page summary of the scripture titled “Song Of The Sathya Yuga” — calling us to action.

Post #3 – Meaning Of The Scripture

Reading from a section of the one page summary about the divine transmission of this scripture, and of a ‘left-hand teacher” that is the cause of suffering.

Post #2 – Receiving A Scripture

A review of the extent of the spiritual treasure received and of a “fearful reality” that must be overcome.

Post #1 – OVERVIEW– Messages To Resolve Splitting 

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