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This series starts here with “Overview” (above) and continues with Post #1, “An Array Of Messages” through Post #56.

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#1 – An Array Of Messages

Post #2 – Summary Of 14 Sanskrit Messages

Post #3 – Message 1 Spoken by Parabrahman/Sathya Sai

Post #4 – Understanding The Yagna

Post #5 – Wisdom Of The 14 messages

Post #6 – Purity Of The Messages

Post #7 – Knowledge Of The Self

Post #8 – Aradhana Mahotsavam 2017

Post #9 – Attaining Wisdom That Unites 

Defining and attaining wisdom that unites

Post #10 – Finding Wisdom Of Oneness

Post #11 – Awake Awake Awake 

Post #12 – Sai And Buddhism

Post #13 – Monumental Meaning 

Post #14 – Sacrifice For Unity 

Post #15 – Attaining Wisdom Of Oneness 

Post #16 – Messages vs MDH 

Comparing differences between the messages and MDH

Post #17 – Finding Peace Of Mind 

Post #18 – Revelation Or Mediumship 

Post #19 OVERVIEW– Messages To Resolve Splitting 

Post #19a Review of the Yagna For Wisdom – part 1.

Post #20 A Path Of Healing And Peace

Post #21 Holy Scripture From Swami About Liberation

Post #22 Sai Teasing And Teaching The Mind

Post #23 Love Brings Unity

Post #24 Unity Will Prevail

Post #25 Grasp His Glory

Post #26 Our Transformation

Post #27 Receiving A Scripture

A review of the extent of the spiritual treasure received

Post #28 – Meaning Of The Scripture 

Post #29 – Swami’s Miraculous Guidance

Post #30 – Sai Revelation vs Mediumship

Post #31 – The Most Important Difference

Post #32 – Talking Advaita/Oneness While Splitting Is Nonsense

Post #33 – Discern Purity

Post #34 – Fight For Full Freedom

Post #35 – Review and reflections on the wisdom of oneness that overcomes splitting

Post #36 – Don’t Be Fooled

Purifying the mind to find Truth
Click here for a story about autism communicators being fooled

Post #37 – Healing – By Releasing – Names, Forms, and Attributes

Post #38 – The Buddhist Connection

The Buddhist Connection helps explain the Scripture as a revelation.

Post #39 – Questions That Need Answers

Clearly documenting answers to these question will help resolve our split.

Post #40 – Time To Come Home

This is a special time.

Post #41 – E Must Go

Sacrificing For Oneness – Ego Must Go

Post #42 – Review #1 Of A Revelation

Post #43 – The Voice of God

Divine Origin of the Scripture

Post #44 – Countering A Fearful Reality

Upadhi – looks alike but is not real 

Post #45 – Introduction To A Scripture

Post #46 – Dawning Of The Age Of Truth

Overcoming a “Fearful Reality” and entering into the dawning of the Sathya Yuga.

Post #47 – Call To Action

Post #48 – Unity In Community

Post #49 – Let Go – And Find Peace

Post #50 – Deception Vs Truth – Purifying Wisdom

Post #51 – Parabrahman Is One – Sathya Sai Is One 

Post #52 – Purification Of Wisdom Overcomes The Fearful Reality Caused By Madhu/MDH

The heartbreaking split in our Sai organization caused by Madhu/MDH is actually a yagna/sacrificial ceremony directed by Swami for attaining a wisdom of unity. His Scripture received in 1983 — for dissemination at this time – reveals a path to our purification that overcomes the split and attains harmony, unity, and the understanding of ultimate reality.

Post #53 – Dark Forces – part 1

Can strong dark forces from the spiritual realm camouflage and mimic God — causing chaos and disruption in the world? An interview with Sanskrit scholar Professor Sthaneshwar Timalsina Ph.D gives answers found in numerous spiritual texts.

Post #54 – Being Gullible

How easy to be deceived.

Post #55 – Dark Forces – part 2

Unity is needed.

Post #56 – Dark Forces – part 3

Dark forces must be recognized and countered.

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