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The Department of English Language & Literature, SSSIHL invites you to join us in an immersive webinar series on life, language & literature – The Spirit(-ual) of Life in Literature: Characters of Resilience on 17 and 18 August 2020.

Speakers include faculty members of the Dept. of English Language & Literature, SSSIHL and luminaries such as Dr. Samuel H Sandweiss (MD), Sri K Chakravarthi (Chancellor, SSSIHL) and Sri S Gurumurthy (Director, RBI Central Board).

Q & A session of talk at SSSIHL, English Dept, 18 August 20202

Video Talk To Students And Alumni January 2021

Talk to region 5 in August 2021 in which I review key points about the miraculous messages received from Sai about current day upheaval and the path forward.