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Post #27 – Purification Of Wisdom Overcomes The Fearful Reality Caused By Madhu/MDH

The heartbreaking split in our Sai organization caused by Madhu/MDH is actually a yagna/sacrificial ceremony directed by Swami for attaining a wisdom of unity. His Scripture received in 1983 — for dissemination at this time – reveals a path to our purification that overcomes the split and attains harmony, unity, and the understanding of ultimate reality.

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Overview Of Sai’s Scripture

This post, a brief summary/overview of Sai’s “Scripture,” reveals that Swami is a manifestation of Parabrahman – directing us to overcome the split caused by Madhu/Muddenahalli by countering with wisdom, detachment, and love.

Future Posts

Future posts will detail the extent of the fearful reality caused by Madhu/Muddenahalli — how the miraculous transmission of the Sai Scripture happened – the painstaking effort that I, my patient Jackie, and Sanskrit scholar Timalsina took in the translation – how Swami encouraged me to share the messages with you – and the wisdom needed to overcome our split.

How Sacred Is This Miraculous Message From Swami 

I’d like to emphasize how sacred is the Scripture – a miraculous communication from Swami to us about how to purify a wisdom that welcomes in the Sathya yuga and receives Prema Sai. 

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If you are interested in learning about countering Madhu/MDH as a unified group — please sign up here Your comments are welcome here If there is enough interest, I will develop a videoconference to share my ideas and discuss 1) how we can act with a united strong voice 2) next steps to take as a unified group. The messages say that such a unified group will be led by Swami.
Pathoftransformation – Samuel Sandweiss

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