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Post #22 – Call To Action

I’m interested in finding out how many devotees recognize the fearful disunifying reality created by Madhu/MDH – and would like to overcome the split and find unity.
Over the past two years I have created 65 movies about a Scripture – miraculously given to me by Sai — that is a guide to overcoming the split.
If you are interested in learning about countering Madhu/MDH as a unified group — please sign up here . If there is enough interest, I will develop a videoconference to share my ideas and discuss 1) how we can act with a united strong voice 2) next steps to take as a unified group. The messages say that such a unified group will be led by Swami.
Your comments are welcome here They will help develop the agenda for a videoconference. Thank you for your kind and loving attention. Pathoftransformation – Samuel Sandweiss

Join Me In Forming This Group to counter Madhu/MDH.

To see the series “Countering Madhu Muddenahalli” click here.

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