Miraculous Messages

My young, Western, Christian, female patient with no connection to India or Sanskrit began to spontaneously speak Sanskrit over a 2 month period in 1983, about profound spiritual teachings. She said that the messages were from Sai Baba. Two Sanskrit scholars attest to the complexity and legitimacy of the messages.

Sanskrit scholar Sthaneshwar Timalsina Ph.D. and I have meticulously analyzed the 14 messages and I find that they are a  “revelation” – a very profound spiritual Truth, transmitted by Sai Baba in a miraculous way. It is about participating in a yagna, directed by Sai Baba for establishing wisdom that will bring unity in our Sai community in preparation for the Golden Age when there will be peace.

In December 2010 Swami asked for and kept the DVD that I had developed about the event – giving me courage to share it with you. I am convinced that it was received in 1983 but meant to be shared with you at this current time – 34 years later.

Post #42 – Review #1 Of A Revelation

FULL OVERVIEW– Messages To Resolve Splitting 

Post #1 – An Array Of Messages

Post #2 – Summary Of 14 Sanskrit Messages

Post #3 – Message 1 Spoken by Parabrahman/Sathya Sai

Post #4 – Understanding The Yagna

Post #5 – Wisdom Of The 14 messages

Post #6 – Purity Of The Messages

Post #7 – Knowledge Of The Self

Post #8 – Aradhana Mahotsavam 2017

Post #9 – Attaining Wisdom That Unites 

Defining and attaining wisdom that unites

Post #10 – Finding Wisdom Of Oneness

Post #11 – Awake Awake Awake 

Post #12 – Sai And Buddhism

Post #13 – Monumental Meaning 

Post #14 – Sacrifice For Unity 

Post #15 – Attaining Wisdom Of Oneness 

Post #16 – Messages vs MDH 

Comparing differences between the messages and MDH

Post #17 – Finding Peace Of Mind 

Post #18 – Revelation Or Mediumship 

Post #19 FULL OVERVIEW– Messages To Resolve Splitting 

Post #19a Review of the Yagna For Wisdom – part 1.

Post #20 A Path Of Healing And Peace

Post #21 Holy Scripture From Swami About Liberation

Post #22 Sai Teasing And Teaching The Mind

Post #23 Love Brings Unity

Post #24 Unity Will Prevail

Post #25 Grasp His Glory

Post #26 Our Transformation

Post #27 Receiving A Scripture

A review of the extent of the spiritual treasure received

Post #28 – Meaning Of The Scripture 

Post #29 – Swami’s Miraculous Guidance

Post #30 – Sai Revelation vs Mediumship

Post #31 – The Most Important Difference

Post #32 – Talking Advaita/Oneness While Splitting Is Nonsense

Post #33 – Discern Purity

Post #34 – Fight For Full Freedom

Post #35 – Review and reflections on the wisdom of oneness that overcomes splitting

Post #36 – Don’t Be Fooled

Purifying the mind to find Truth
Click here for a story about autism communicators being fooled

Post #37 – Healing – By Releasing – Names, Forms, and Attributes

Post #38 – The Buddhist Connection

The Buddhist Connection helps explain the Scripture as a revelation.

Post #39 – Questions That Need Answers

Clearly documenting answers to these question will help resolve our split.

Post #40 – Time To Come Home

This is a special time.

Post #41 – E Must Go

Sacrificing For Oneness – Ego Must Go

Post #42 – Review #1 Of A Revelation


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