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The video below is the opening section of the film, introducing our Sanskrit expert and beginning to translate the first message. I was surprised to see how the originator of the message identifies himself.

I’m developing a film describing an extraordinary miracle that happened in my psychiatric practice 12,000 miles from Sathya Sai Baba, that clearly shows his omnipresence and power over matter. Look at the video below for more details.

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Click here to see section #1 — The Trailer


Click here to see section #3 

3) The 3RD SECTION further examines the Sanskrit notes received by my disabled Western patient. We are introduced to our 2nd Sanskrit scholar. CLICK HERE.

Click here to see section #4

4) The 4TH SECTION begins our reporting of information about consciousness extending beyond our personal life experiences. In this clip, we see what happens  to consciousness after death of the physical body as vividly described in the book “The Tibetan Book Of The Dead.” CLICK HERE.

Click here to see section #5

5) The 5TH SECTION examines NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES. How do they compare to states described in “The Tibetan Book Of The Dead?” What do they have to do with my Sanskrit-speaking patient? CLICK HERE.

Click here to see section #6

6) The 6TH SECTION is about SCENE ONE — our first look at the Sanskrit messages and witnessing a remarkable surprise.  CLICK HERE.

Click here to see section #7 and subsequent posts 8 – 9

7) The 7TH SECTION is about who is speaking the Sanskrit messages and what is being said. CLICK HERE.

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