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Sai Baba’s first teaching through a song, “Manasa Bhajore,” was about immersing our mind in divinity to travel safely across the troubled waters of the outer world.

He has also said that the mind is the cause of bondage or liberation — and that it takes the shape of the vessel it is in. When the mind is  in the outer sensory material world it is limited and subject to change and suffering. When it merges into the heart-love it becomes infinite and full of peace, bliss, and love. How do we understand this teaching and what does science understand about the mind?

Mainstream science, with its focus on matter, assumes that consciousness arises from the physical brain. Spiritual teachings, on the other hand, focus on the more subtle realm of spirit, love, consciousnes and  assert that infinite consciousness is the origin of all. Vedantic teachings, for example, clearly asserts that infinite consciousness is God. Recent findings in mind research and quantum mechanics physics are causing some scientists to question the material basis of consciousness and to entertain the possibility that consciousness is primary.

Following is our science series about our mind — where is its origin — what is the extent of its potential — and how we choose to think and act changes our brains, bodies, and even our DNA.  Dr. Jon Lieff, psychiatrist will be our scientific consultant.

If you don’t know about our science series you can read about it all here.

Below, Dr. Lieff describes his credentials and interests. You can find out more about Dr. Lieff and current scientific findings about mind at his blog, ” Searching For  The Mind,” at the following link.

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